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New Kinpo Group Beats Out Competition in Key Categories at CES


CES 2016 was a massive, whirlwind of an event with thousands of pieces of new technology, old technology and reimagined technology on display.

With so many gadgets competing for attention, New Kinpo Group subsidiary XYZprinting was proud to pull ahead of the competition and have new products, including the da Vinci Mini, recognized by and USA Today as a “Editor’s Choice,” by Tom’s Guide as a “Top Pick” and by TWICE as a “Best Pick” for the 2016 show.  These additional distinctions continue momentum from last year where XYZprinting earned a Top Tech of CES designation and PC Magazine’s “Best of CES” award for its 3D printing technology.

Beginning with CES Unveiled, show attendees and media members visited the booth to see how New Kinpo Group is breaking down technology barriers with the introduction of several easy-to-use devices that deliver innovative experiences to consumers.

Since last year’s show, New Kinpo Group has become the world’s largest provider of 3D printers, accounting for 22 percent of all the world’s shipments in this category. We’re continuing our expansion into new categories and new regions with a mission to enable the masses to experience the benefits of advanced technology.

One such area of significant expansion is robotics with the addition of XYZRobots. At CES, there was 71 percent more space dedicated to robotics, compared to 2015, making it a hotbed of activity on this front. Together with XYZPrinting, XYZRobot showcased an array of intriguingly advanced robots, 3D printers and electronic wearables. The new products represent significant innovations in capability and compactness that will be available in the global marketplace this year.

If you weren’t able to attend CES, here are a few of the items we displayed:

  • The da Vinci Mini, which is 70 percent smaller than the da Vinci Jr. home printer. Yet it maintains the same build size of 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. It serves as a desktop 3D printer with a one-button printing process that’s as simple to use as a coffeemaker.
  • 3D pen that pushes melted material through its tip to enable artisans to draw 3D objects in minutes without a computer or software. With no restriction on print size, the pen can create whatever image is in the designer’s mind. It also can be used to repair objects or add decoration.
  • Nobel 1.0A, a highly accurate and affordable professional-grade desktop 3D printer. It uses a photosensitive resin and a UV laser to obtain a print resolution of up to 25 microns. It offers a maximum build size of 5 x 5 x 7.9 inches, larger than any other stereolithographic 3D printer can build.
  • BC1, a long-term, continuous ECG monitor that integrates into consumers’ clothing or as a wireless patch. With an anticipated Q3 2016 release date, the BC1 system provides users with seamless and accessible information to their body’s data without time or place limitations. The product will be retailing for $150 which includes the shirt.
  • W-01, a modularized, wheeled, edutainment robot capable of showing expressions and human-type movements. The personal robot serves as an educational tool for individuals learning how to create animations for LEDs by changing the expressions in the robot’s eyes. The interactive robot, equipped to play voice or music, is built with seven servo motors in its upper body and incorporates a link tracking sensor for maze-design competitions. It employs a laser and ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles when moving. W-01 can carry objects that weigh as much as 300 grams (2/3 of a pound).
  • Smart Service Robot for use in businesses. The new robot has auto-navigation, mapping and monitoring capabilities, can avoid obstacles and lets people interact with others in remote locations as if they were in the same place. It offers telepresence through a 14” touch panel. In Taiwan, a major home products chain uses the Smart Service Robot as a customer service representative to guide customers to store shelves and to handle call-center functions.
  • XYZprinting’s prosumer-grade 3D Jet is a desktop printer that sprays a photopolymer resin as an inkjet printer would, producing exceptionally high-quality prints. This innovation is particularly valuable to engineers, toy makers, entrepreneurs and project designers who need to build high-quality prototypes.

NKG growth will continue with the addition of these new products as well as other innovative launches planned for 2016. Over the past year, NKG has grown to an estimated $7.9 billion USD in sales, a record for the global corporation. NKG now embraces 22 companies, 72 factories and nearly 45,000 employees.