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How Intelligent Manufacturing is Changing Global Industries

3D printing is gaining popularity globally, and for good reason. The versatile technology is being used across industries including the healthcare, education and automotive sectors. Accordingly, the Boao Forum for Asia, a prestigious forum for government, business and academia leaders, has taken notice.

The conference, which highlights compelling areas of discussion year after year, featured a session called “3D Printing, Digital Manufacturing & the 3rd Industrial Revolution,” focusing on trending topics related to 3D printing and intelligent manufacturing.

Our very own Simon Shen, chairman of XYZPrinting, participated in the discussion.
“There are many things in our daily lives, such as mugs, plastic shoes, toys and cell phone cases that are produced by factories that merely involve three to five stages of simple production processes,” said Shen. “Those processes may be more likely replaced by 3D printers.” 

While the transition is probable, it won’t happen overnight. “There is still a long way to go for the industry to develop technology that allows people to produce sophisticated products such as smartphones or laptops, and more material suppliers will be joining the market as well,” said Shen. “XYZPrinting will continue to focus on material development and introducing different materials to the market.” Wei Miao, Chinese Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, joined the conversation as well.

“The development and application of information communication technology (ICT), especially the integration between ICT and manufacturing industry, will become the trigger of the Third Industrial Revolution,” said Miao. “The Chinese government will encourage and support younger generations in China to become creators.” Miao’s statement on supporting the maker culture in China ultimately fits the vision of XYZPrinting. 

“Although only a few things can be realized through DIY, the cost for 3D printers is comparatively lower nowadays, so people can create the things they want or even start a business with a 3D printer. From this perspective, younger generations can buy a 3D printer to create something they desire,” added Shen. 

The da Vinci Junior 1.0, which was displayed at Boao, is a prime example. The 3D printer by XYZPrinting is designed for general consumers and was displayed during the session. The product has a compactdesign, weighing only 26 pounds, but with a robust size of 5.9” x 5.9” x 5.9” and is available for $349.99at, and